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Parish Council Accounts 2018/2019 [click for details]

Parish Council Accounts 2018/2019

Copies of the Parish Council Accounts for the financial year 2018/2019 (which ended on 31 March 2019) are now available on the Finance page of this website.

Date posted: 21 June 2019

Parish Tree Wardens [click for details]

Parish Tree Wardens

Rushcliffe Borough Council are looking to appoint tree wardens in local parishes and are appealing for people to contact them to support their aim.

The Borough hope to appoint tree wardens in every parish in their area, and will launch the project at Rushcliffe Country Park, Ruddington, on Saturday June 22, between 11.30am and 3pm.

Tree wardens can be appointed by their local parish council as the parish contact for all things tree-related in their area. The tree warden's responsibilities would include: reporting early signs of pest, disease and vandalism; as well as gathering information, surveying and recording information about trees important for wildlife and the heritage of the parish; and identifying opportunities to plant more trees. For further information, see Tree Wardens (pdf).

Mr Paul Phillips, the Environmental Sustainability Officer for the Borough, would be happy to pass on more information to anyone interested. He can be contacted on 0115 914 8595.

Date posted: 21 May 2019

Obstructed Footpaths [click for details]

Obstructed Footpaths

Via - Notts County Council are asking local residents to get in touch on 0115 977 4802 if they are aware of any public footpaths on arable land in the parish that are being obstructed by crops.

Senior Rights of Way Officer for the joint partnership, Jane Baines, is anxious to ensure that obstructions do not take place and says they will write to any farmers who do not heed requests to rectify the position where blockages are allowed to occur.

The County Council say that where obstructions do occur they will ask the farmers to remove them or the County Council will carry out the work and charge the farmer for it.

For further information, see Paths on Arable Land (pdf).

Date posted: 20 May 2019

Parish Council Meeting [click for details]

Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of Plumtree Parish Council will be held at 7:30 pm on Monday 22nd July 2019, in the Burnside Memorial Hall, Church Hill, Plumtree.

The Agenda for the meeting and the Minutes of previous meetings will be available on the Agendas and Minutes page of this website.

All village residents are encouraged to attend parish council meetings, where they can raise questions and observations, and suggest items for discussion at a future meeting.

About Plumtree Village

os map thumbnailPlumtree is a small village with a population of around 200, located 5 miles (8 km) south-east of Nottingham, just off the A606 between Tollerton and Keyworth. Its population has remained fairly constant during its transition from an agricultural village to a residential one.

It features a thriving church dedicated to St Mary; a popular village hall; a pub called The Griffin (which is currently closed for refurbishment and will, hopefully, re-open again in 2019 - UPDATE: now due to open on July 1st 2019); a premier league cricket team; and the award-winning Perkins Bar & Bistro and Carriage Hall.

More about Plumtree.

About this Website

This website contains an overview of Plumtree and the following parish council information, in line with the Transparency code for smaller authorities:

  • names and contact details for the Parish Councillors;
  • dates, agendas and minutes of Parish Council meetings;
  • details of Parish Council finance and governance.

This website is complementary to the Plumtree Village website, see below.

If you have an enquiry, information you think we should add to this website or simply wish to give feedback, please Contact Us.

About the Plumtree Village Website

plumtree village websiteThe Plumtree Village website has been created by two Plumtree residents with the following objectives:

  • to publicise forthcoming events of interest to local residents;
  • to list local news items;
  • to provide a platform to showcase Plumtree’s social history;
  • to describe local amenities for people visiting the area or thinking of moving to the village.


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