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Plumtree is part of the Leake and Keyworth policing neighbourhood. Contact details and information about local crimes can be found on the Police.uk web site: https://www.police.uk/nottinghamshire/31-24/.

The Keyworth neighbourhood covers the following wards:

  • North Keyworth
  • South Keyworth
  • Tollerton
  • Nevile covers Hickling, Kinoulton, Owthorpe, Upper Broughton
  • Wolds covers Normanton on the Wolds, Stanton on the Wolds, Clipston on the Wolds, Widmerpool, Willoughby on the Wolds, Plumtree, Thorpe on the Glebe

Changes have been made to the neighbourhood policing teams (NPT) within Nottinghamshire; the Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are now the designated point of contact for any local enquiries, rather than the beat manager.

The PCSOs are now the lead officers with primary responsibility for, amongst other things, intelligence gathering, neighbourhood disputes, anti-social behaviour problem-solving, vulnerable victims and community engagement.

The PCSOs will be available for general advice on issues within the community and liaising with local residents, parish councils and neighbourhood watch teams etc.

All reports of crime should be made by using the 999 or 101 system to report the incident to the force control room.

Non emergency number: 101
Local Policing Team: 101 Ext 800 6570

Crime Figures For December 2018

Date Crime Location Village Details
Keyworth South - 11 Crimes
01/12/18 to 18/12/18 Burglary dwelling (Attempt) Park Avenue Keyworth Implement used to attempt entry to dwelling
02/12/18 03:00 Criminal damage Lings Lane Keyworth Livestock killed in field
03/12/18 16:00 to 04/12/18 07:00 Burglary other Wysall Lane Keyworth Entry by force to secure yard
10/12/18 23:49 Theft Park Avenue Keyworth Theft of money from person
04/12 19:00 to 04/12 20:30 Criminal damage Church Drive Keyworth Damage caused to door
12/12/18 09:40 Theft Hayes Road Keyworth 2 items of engineering plant stolen
14/12/18 16:50 Harassment Park Avenue Keyworth Harassment to person
11/12/18 22:09 to 21/12/18 09:31 Criminal damage Hayes Road Keyworth Damage to window and graffitti damage to wall
18/12/18 08:30 to 15:30 Theft Church drive Keyworth Theft of number plates from motor vehicle
21/12/18 20:00 to 22/12/18 08:00 Theft Church Drive Keyworth Theft of number plates from motor vehicle
27/12/18 00:12 Criminal damage Wolds drive Keyworth Damage to sandbags
Keyworth North - 2 Crimes
04/12/18 15:03 Public order offence Highbury Road Keyworth Door to door seller abusive to resident
09/12/18 09:55 Theft Debdale Lane Keyworth An amount of mettal stolen from driveway
Tollerton - 3 Crimes
06/12/18 12:37 Theft Tollerton Lane Tollerton Theft from agricultural trailer
14/12/18 16:30 to 15/12/18 09:15 Criminal damage Tollerton Lane Tollerton Damage rear window of vehicle.
29/12/18 20:49 Criminal damage Stanstead Avenue Tollerton Damage rear window of vehicle.(Not believed connected to incident on 14th/15th)
Nevile - 1 Crime
05/12/18 09:30 to 10:15 Theft of motor vehicle Main Street Hickling Secure vehicle stolen from public place
Wolds - 4 Crimes
05/12/18 08:00 to 19:00 Theft Melton Road Stanton on the wolds Theft of parcels
11/12/18 02:00 Criminal damage Browns Lane Stanton on the wolds Damage to secure motor vehicle
28/12/18 17:00 Attempt burglary other/Criminal damage Main Street Willoughby on the Wolds Vehicle damaged and attempt to cut padlock to a secure property.
31/12/18 00:00 to 16:00 Burglary dwelling Back lane Normanton on the Wolds Forced entry to dwelling via rear ground floor


Historical Crime Reports

Previous Crime Reports are available as PDF files. To view them, click on the appropriate link below.

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