18 April 2012
Notts Policing Plan

From: Professor Simon Holdaway (Chair, Performance & Policing Committee, Nottinghamshire Police Authority)

"This year brings both challenge and change to policing across Nottinghamshire and the city of Nottingham. 

"The Olympic Games will see police forces up and down the country contributing to the biggest police operation in our history and Nottinghamshire is proud to play its part in this momentous event.  However, careful advance planning means that this support will not adversely affect the quality of local policing services. 

"Then, on 15 November, local people will go to the polls to elect Nottinghamshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) who will take over policing governance from the Police Authority.  In addition, we need to continue our work to identify savings totalling £43m by 2015.  This has seen us make some hard decisions in recent months, such as raising the policing precept to help protect frontline services in future years.

"This year is the second year of our four-year Policing Plan where the aim to see Nottinghamshire Police as the best performing force in the country is reaffirmed.  Three strategic priorities - cutting crime, spending money wisely and earning the trust and confidence of the public - remain at its heart.

"During the last year we have seen significant reductions in crime across both City and County Divisions, a restructuring and modernising of the way the Force works and savings of £10.3m achieved.  

"However, we are fully aware that there is more to be done and have set a series of ambitious targets to drive further progress.  These targets aim to see overall crime reduced by 8%; savings of £10.3m achieved; and the victim satisfaction rate increased to 90%.  The full plan can be found on our website (www.nottspa.org).

"In everything we do, we are aiming to create a sound financial and operational platform on which the incoming PCC can build.  

"The Authority will formally hand over to the PCC on 22 November 2012, prior to which we will be working hard to keep people well informed about the changes.  It is important to emphasise that the PCC will not manage Nottinghamshire Police. The role of the PCC is to be the voice of the people and to hold the police to account and this work will be overseen by the Police and Crime Panel, which will consist of representatives from all the local authorities, plus two independent members.

"If you have any questions about the policing plan and, or the role of the PCC, please contact me or one of the transition team who will be delighted to help you."