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Plumtree Parish Council

Give a Laptop Appeal

Added on 25 January 2021

Last summer local BBC radio stations helped members of the public donate thousands of old laptops and tablets for schoolchildren. It made a huge difference to those pupils who were sharing devices at home while learning in lockdown.

Many pupils still need equipment. If you have any spare laptops or tablets, please visit the give-a-laptop page on the BBC website for full details of companies and charities who are able to help.

Some charities can collect, wipe and share the laptops all in one; some can help take your devices off your hands to fix them ready for distribution; some are collecting donations to help fund devices for pupils; some are local to specific areas and some are nationwide, both across England and the UK.

If you would prefer to donate direct to a school, a list of all Nottinghamshire schools can be found on the website. If you contact a school direct, they may have someone working there who can wipe your item clean.