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Plumtree Parish Council

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement - Spanglefish

This website is built on the Spanglefish content management system. It allows normal browser control over zooming by using the Control or Command keys and plus and minus keys and can be navigated using the tab and enter keys.

The site is created in HTML5, the underlying code is valid and uncomplicated and the website should be fully accessible using screen readers.

However, every website content management system can always be improved - if you wish to make any accessibility suggestions about the underlying site structure contact

Spanglefish allows site owners to manage almost all aspects of their site. The text content, the use of images, uploaded documents such as PDFs, background and text colours. They can also manage more complex items which may impact on accessibility like javascript and CSS pseudo-elements, embedded video and audio etc. Any issues with accessibility due to such items are the responsibility of the site owner and should be addressed to them directly.

Accessibility Statement - Plumtree Parish Council

The Plumtree Parish Council website is created using standard "building blocks" provided by the Spanglefish content management system and therefore should not have any areas which are inaccessible to people with disabilities.

  • Text is kept as concise as possible whilst still conveying the intended meaning.
  • Meaningful images in the text have alternative descriptions which allow screen readers to explain what the image depicts.
  • Uploaded and linked documents on the site, such as PDFs are created in an accessible way, allowing them to be read by screen readers, with the proviso that this may not be the case with older, archival material which would be prohibitively expensive or difficult to update. Older files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. If you have any problem accessing a PDF, or need a more accessible version, please email the Parish Clerk.
  • The website administrators take care when designing the site that effective levels of contrast are used between text and background colours.

If you have any comments on the accessibility of the website, or would like to request content in a different format, please contact us.