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Plumtree Parish Council

National Grid Response to Recent Power Outages

National Grid Response to Recent Power Outages

Added on 06 March 2024

Following a number of recent power outages in Plumtree the Parish Council has written to National Grid to establish if the problems are linked and if so what is being put in place to prevent future problems. 

National Grid acknowledged that the level of activity in the village over the past few weeks has been unusually high, a number of these incidents have involved the deployment of traffic management and temporary signals and they have apologised for any disruption caused.

National Grid noted that the incidents are unrelated from a network perspective and not indicative of a broader degradation issue and they have confirmed that in respect to all incidents that have occurred permanent repairs have been completed.. There is currently no requirement for any further work in respect of the condition of the electricity supply infrastructure in Plumtree.

Should you experience any supply problems please contact National Grid on 105.